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You wave your tail (end) around and every bystanders go Woah!?

Take out this fear inducing 4WD Godzilla drifter and show them who's Boss. You like it fast and want to counter-steer like the pros? Get your hands on the right ride, this beauty isn't just eye candy. It effortlessly overtakes other racers with speed and pleasurably accurate drifts, leaving them wondering how this beast can be so hot but all so frustrating to race against... She hit the floor... Next thing you know... And It's stance was low low low low low low low low...HA!

✔️ 6 Batteries? - Yup! 6 Paralleled 1.2V 700mAh Ni-Cd Long-lasting rechargeable with a practical USD charger (included) for a staggering power flowing 7.2V & 4200mAh of juice to push your pony full throttle for 20 minutes or more... if you manage to refrain a little (let's get serious - Pedal To The Metal!!!) 

✔️ Drift Tires? - Yup! Not just one set... TWO SETS of tires. 1 original low profile rubber set for track and rough surface and the revolutionary newly developed slicks of all slicks. We even include a cute little wrench to change the wheels. These drift tires will make you slip and slide ahead of other racers and trying to pass you will be like catching a greased pig... damn right impossible!
✔️ Any other feats I should care about? - Damn Right! Highly precise 2.4Ghz pistol-grip controller powered by a 9V battery (non included) for maximum range and reactive micro adjustments. Tough and flexible PVC shell will resist the worst beatings (in case you oversteer and hit the wall) Independent 4 wheel suspension & a membership card for the "I'm soo fly" club...just kidding! They'll wanna join your club...

✔️ Is it FAST? - Hell Yeah! Zoom around at jaw dropping speeds up to 36 mph!!! Yup... that's pretty damn fast and give its steering a kick to watch it 360 while you catch the perfect timing to make it continue it's path as if nothing happened. If that doesn't make your eye balls pop...I don't know what will!

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