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You're the bomb, while they watch and envy, you attack, conquer and score bases at raging speed!

When FAST just isn't FAST enough... Compromising is what the other racers behind you did, where did that left them? You're still unsure how their tail lights look like, you've never seen them... You're leading the pack no matter the track! Through sands or stones, hills or pavement flat as a lake, you win fair and square leaving others flat out shocked. In the wise words of Dom (F&F):

            "It ain't about the carrr, it's about the drrriver'..."

He forgot to add..."unless you'rrre The RRRaging Thunderrr!"

✔️ Is it a race truck, a fast truggy or...? - Yes! It's the Alpha and the Omega, it's the One RC to rule them all! You can't box it in a category... It'll rip through the box and make you regret trying. It's faster than a fast truck on a trucking path, it's faster than a fast car on a race track... It doesn't try to fit in a category, it made it's own.

✔️ Can you control such power? - Yes! Well... you merely guide the Almighty 4WD to it's destination. Multiple fail-safes protect your circuit board against overheat, sudden battery discharge and overcurrent. The strong top-of-the-line multi-channel 2.4Ghz remote, synchronously proportional in power & direction sure helps making sure the thunderous power is channeled on the path to victory!

✔️ At such speed does the battery last? - Yes Sir! The fully charged 7.4v1200mAh USB (included) rechargeable Lithium battery block will give you about 20 minutes of scorching thunderous fun! Don't get caught with your pants down though... If batteries were chips, these would be Lay's - "Betcha can't eat just one!"

✔️ Is it REALLY FAST? - ... - ... - Huh Yeaaa?! A 10" bullet-on-wheels lightening through at 40 MPH is sure to make Grampa's wig fly off while Grammy's trying to prevent her panties from from going any higher than usual.. All components in this bad boy is built for speed. Strap your baseball cap real tight, we're not responsible for any lost or damaged hairline due to excess velocity!

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