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MMM HMMM! Watching its behind, nice and high with them' big round...(wheels)!

You're not scared of a little hump, or a big one for that matter. When you ride them RCs like wild ponys... When you bash'em through water, mud, snow & everything in between... When instead of slowing down as you see a bump, you squeeze the trigger and try to catch as much air time as possible before landing on all 4... When the others close their eyes in fear and look away expecting a disastrous crash... Yours are wide open in anticipation because... You're not scared... You're a Fearless Basher and this is Your Territory!

✔️ Is it (water/mud/dirt/whatever) proof? - Yup! This truck is built for off-roads. Waterproof components, tough parts solidly screwed to it's rigid and thick base frame. It wouldn't be fearless if it was scared of a little splash or less than perfect landings!
*** Please don't drown the poor beast, it's a truck not a submarine! It's as tough as it gets but you still need to clean it properly and take care of it after every bashing sessions. ***

✔️ Is it REALLY tough? - Yup! Don't slam it with a hammer but this big boy can take more beating than a stubborn donkey. (no donkey and/or other animals were hurt in the making of this race basher) It's fearless but not bulletproof. Jumped high, landed crooked?... Tried to climb a tree and fell on it's head?... Blazed through a creek then spun in dirt for a nice mud caking?... All should be fine with proper after-care but don't throw it like a baseball to the wall and come back crying!

✔️ Anything else exciting? - Hell Yea! 175 foot range 2.4Ghz dual-mode 4 channel trigger remote received by its 2-in-1 dynamic ESC, controlling a high precision 5-wire servo. All-active 4WD pushed by a sturdy big 380 brushed motor high-powered by a USD rechargeable 7.4V Lithium-Manganese-Nickel battery block and all linked with strong gears, shafts, bearings and shocks... Can I hear an Amen?!

✔️ Ok But...Is It FAST? - Big Time Fast! If it climbs steep hills and still has plenty of juice to jump high enough to bother birds, imagine how fast it can clear a flat track. This is a racer through and through, it eats Fast for breakfast and is Faster than starving Big Betty across the donut shop... Yup! That Fast! 

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