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Tight spaces can't stop racers like you!

Don't let it's size fool ya' ! This 1:32 hot rod swift and swerve in confined spaces and will make you smile from ear to ear. Race around the kitchen table with kids and/or friends, displaying your mad driving skills for Instagram & Tiktok stories and watch as fellow speed-heads nod and like in approval. Fun & economic, this quickie is a great multi-pack opportunity, grab a couple, share or switch as needed because we all love a 15 minute quickie but let's get serious, I know I'd like multiple 15 minutes of racing around!

✔️ Rechargeable Battery? - Yup! 3.7V lithium built-in charges with a provided USB, Full charge in 40 minutes for 15 minutes of grin-cracking fun.

✔️ Good Controller? - Yup! Pistol shaped 2.4Ghz remote let's you control up to 10 cars simultaneously (10 cars, 10 remotes) It's range is about 120 feet, requires 2 AA batteries (not included) it's confortable, precise and shaped perfectly for all-sized & age trigger-happy racers.

✔️ How's The Drive? - Surprisingly Fun! It doesn't have independent suspension, it just doesn't need it! This mini-buggy is so light, a single spring in the rear-end provides plenty to bump and jump around. The throttle is responsive, the steering nervous and the spongy rubber type tires makes it ideal for indoor fun.

✔️ Is It FAST? - Damn Right! I'm not going to bore you with "relative speed" but Heh?!... The smaller they are the faster it feels! A cruise ship going 15 mph is not moving, a 15 mph car... barely parking lot speed, on a bicycle you feel a nice breeze in your face, running on foot... that's Marathon's Olympic World Record Speed... For a 4.5" Rc Bullet, Trust Me, it feels like it's zooming around at the speed of sound!